Selling a Home?


Why Use Dan Liese as your Seller’s Agent


Just because Dan Liese has 25+ years of experience in “the trenches” in RI, CT and MA and has closed 1000’s of deals does not necessarily make him the right choice to sell your home. There are several KEY factors you should insist on when hiring your agent to represent you in the sale of your home. Dan has consistently demonstrated these factors in selling real estate in your local market. One is knowledge of your local market; honesty in all dealings, great communication, a great problem solver, unbelievable negotiation skills and a willingness to work with each client to customize a marketing program that best displays their home.



Dan’s List of Seven Red Flags to watch out for


The agent that suggests the highest price for your house.

Just to get your listing then will spend their entire time “beating you up” to lower price (because they really knew it would not sell) and they just wanted to buy your confidence to get the listing.


The agent does real estate on the side, part time.

If you’re a seller, you want to choose an agent who is actively following the market every day. If you’re the seller, you want an agent who is always available to show your home to prospective buyers.


The agent is a relative.

Unless your relative is a crackerjack full-time agent who specializes in your neighborhood, he or she is unlikely to do as good of a job as a full time experienced agent like Dan Liese. That can breed resentment, as well as derail your transaction.


The agent doesn’t understand financing options.

Quiz your agent on the types of financing that might be used for your home. This is imperative and really important these days because of the immense difficulty in obtaining financing for a mortgage. Jumbo loans start at $417,000.00 so if your property is in the $400K plus range then understanding jumbo loans is extremely important. Government financed loans (which include the majority of loans closed) is complex and the details surrounding each one and the qualifications of buyer and property can not be over looked.


The agent intices you with a low commission.

In most areas, commissions can vary from 5 to 7 percent, which are negotiable and split between the buying and selling agent. If the commission on your house is lower, fewer agents will be interested in showing it. The worst is when a listing agent does not equally split the commission they receive with a co-broke agent. In our business it is important that the listing agent goes out of their way to co-broke with other agents.


Promise the world in marketing and advertising.

When an agent shows up and just TELL’s you what they are going to do to sell your home and does not have a written out plan of action, then run as fast as you can. Insist on their written out or digital plan to get your home sold. And remember Print Media is Dead as the consumer goes to the internet.


Are they licensed to sell Real Estate in your State?

Believe it or not there are agents who show property and list property in a state where they hold no license. Insist on a copy of the agents current and active license for the state you are located in. Some agents say they will use their Brokers license (this is illegal) and you can be in for trouble if you choose an agent like this.


About Dan

I would like to a take this opportunity to introduce myself, and my abbreviated life story so that you will feel comfortable with who I am and confident in working with me on your real estate transaction.

I was born in CT then moved to Springfield Illinois, Missouri Valley Iowa, East Greenbush New York and finally in RI. My Dad and Mom decided after a number of years of working at Pfizer in Groton CT that my Dad should follow his heart and become a minister for God and so he packed up their 5 young boys and moved to Springfield to attend 5 years of the Seminary to become a Lutheran minister. With my Mom and Dad both working 3-4 part time jobs juggling school and family they succeeded on his dream and we move to Iowa for his first church assignment.

I had the very best parents God could provide as they instilled a great work ethic, always do the right thing and never ever give up. Life was difficult financially and nothing was ever given to us so we were taught the basic fundamental values of you get what you work for. This instilled a very positive outlook on life and helped me develop my strong work ethic and attitude of never ever give up and always “do the right thing” as my Dad would say. During my school years I played as a four-sport athlete and was All State in Soccer and this also developed my competitive spirit to strive for excellence and perfection.

Fast forward to my first job working at Pfizer (yes that is where my Dad worked) where I reached the proverbial glass ceiling in Analytical Research after 16 years. A co-worker challenged me that I could not sell real estate in the worst real estate market in history in 1988. Oh Boy he did not know about my desire to excel and my positive attitude. I jumped in with both feet and left Pfizer for a full time career in Real Estate Sales and I have never looked back.

My Real Estate career in RI, CT and MA took off and in less than 4 years I was ranked as the #1 selling real estate agent in the 6 New England States for RE/MAX and sold 124 homes by myself. No one in RI has since sold that many residential resale listings by one person. To this day I keep a very high level of production of sales and have employed a full time administrative support staff to make sure every deal goes smoothly and my clients get superior service at no extra costs. My biggest concern with every

transaction I am involved with is that each client works with ME and my full time administrative support staff allows me to spend one on one time with each client.

A little bit about my family that I am so proud of and inspires me to work hard every day so that I can provide for them and enjoy my time off with them. My wife Marguerite of 38 years and counting (yes we got married early at 21 years old) and prior to that we dated for 4 years in High School. She is the hardest worker (great inspiration for me) and is always giving of herself and to others. She has set the standard as a standout employee at Westerly Hospital for 38+ years. We have two awesome sons Ryan 34 married to Beth with their two adorable twin daughters Madison and Hannah now 3 years old. Our youngest son Nick 30 married to Alicia with their handsome son Kaeson now 7 months. I love doing projects with them whether it is ripping apart and remodeling Nick and Alicia’s home or building a huge patio with concrete pavers and fire pit this last summer for Ryan and Beth.

When time permits I hit the golf course and one of the items on my bucket list was to win a club championship, which I did in 2010 at Fenner Hill Golf Club. Now some other items on my to do list are, for Marguerite and I to attend the Masters Golf tournament, Go to Hawaii, Visit Italy and spend time snorkeling in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Thanks for learning a little more about me and I hope to some day help you with your real estate needs or just have a cup of coffee.

Dan Liese “the hard working nice guy”